Rue Magazine: Creativity

The most creative aspect of Rue Magazine is its overall layout. Rue’s design layout is ordered so that the articles

featured in the magazine are readable, but the magazine also incorporates diversity in its design as well.

Because Rue Magazine is an online-based magazine, they include videos in their publications, as well as linking its

readers to furniture stores that currently have sale during the time of the publication.


Rue Magazine: Advertising

Rue magazine has furniture, wine, food and jewelry advertisements in the magazine. Rue puts all of their

advertisements at the beginning of their magazine. This helps the magazine to have a consistent flow throughout its

content. By having the advertisements at the beginning of the magazine, it shows the reader that they care more

about inspire them and giving them great content in the magazine, rather than trying to sell them products.

Rue Magazine: Owners

Rue Magazine is owned by Rue Media Group, Inc. Rue Media Group, Inc. does not own any other magazines

besides Rue Magazine. Rue stands apart from its competitors because it is online only and it is free to access.

There does not seem to be any talk about Rue Magazine becoming a print magazine. There was not any content found

about reputable sources discussing Rue Magazine.

Rue Magazine: Community

Rue Magazine is able to create a sense of community to its readers through its social networks, as well as

through the magazine’s team. Rue’s team is a group of women who are entrepreneurs, tech-savvy, creative and crafty

individuals. Rue’s team relates back to its audience because the team shares the same aspirations and knows what

their audience wants to read. Rue magazine makes it easy for its audience to access its magazine through its

website. The magazine is free online and you do not need to give up your e-mail address in order to access the

magazine. Unfortunately, there is no mobile app available for the magazine at this time.

Rue Magazine: Target Audience & Mission

Rue Magazine targets professional women who are between the ages of 28-37, tech savvy, married or are in a

committed relationship, established in her career and creative.

The mission statement states that “Rue is your pathway to stylish living. Founded in 2010 as a bimonthly digital

interior design magazine, the site has grown to be your daily source for all things inspiring. Our team is

committed to bringing you well-crafted design, effortless entertaining tips, and the products you need to make it

all your own. Join us as we empower you to live the most beautiful version of your life.”

The mission of the magazine is carried out through the content inside of the magazine, as well as the overall

design of the magazine. The magazine has a section in the magazine called “editor’s pick” and profiles on

influential people who inspire the readers in their everyday lives.

Rue Magazine: Connecting with the Audience

Rue Magazine is very active on their social media sites. Rue uses Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and

FeedBurner. On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Rue interacts with their customers and encourages them to share

their feedback. On these social media sites, Rue also replies back to their customers. This shows that the customer

that they care about them. This also helps Rue to build a relationship with their customers. Rue Magazine uses

Pinterest to give their customers inspiration. Rue Magazine uses FeedBurner as a blog. On FeedBurner, Rue gives out

tips to their reader that they feel are useful to them.

Rue Magazine: Storytelling

Rue Magazine is a successful magazine that includes service articles in the magazine. The service articles in

the magazine include expert advice, recipes, news & trends about interior design as well as fashion, and style

tips. Rue also does profiles on interior designers, fashion designers, stylists and bloggers. These articles are

important to the readers because they can relate to the content in the magazine and it also inspires them.